installing and finishing basement subfloors

A Guide on Installing and Finishing a Basement Subfloor

Most modern houses today have their own basements. Regardless if you’re going to use it for extra storage space, a gaming room, or an extra room for an extended family member, you need to make it as durable and well-maintained as possible for it to last for years to come. One of the things that you can do is to install a basement subfloor.

Normally, a basement has a cement floor, making it too cold at times. Subfloors will ensure that the temperature will be well-regulated. Aside from that, it will make the floor durable to protect it against any form of compromising conditions that affects your home’s overall structure. You may have come across random cracks on the floors of your basement. That is the result of the absence of subfloors.

What Is a Subfloor Made Of?

Some subfloors are made of wood, while others are made of thin sheathings. Regardless of your choice of materials, you must remember that they are assembled in panels, which means they aren’t like your typical roll-on materials that can just be applied in one go. It takes time to install a subfloor, ranging from a couple of days or weeks, depending on the size of your basement.

Take note that the structure should distribute wind and seismic loads so that it will have proper circulation against molds and be durable enough against natural disasters such as earthquakes.

A Formidable Structure

Utilizing proper materials and building techniques will ensure that your subfloors will stand the test of time. The use of tongue-and-groove subflooring, for example, took it to a whole new level in recent years, with houses and their basements having a good, strong structure that can withstand any durability problems that past variants were not able to hold up against. Plywood is one traditional material that also made durable subflooring more affordable, a quality that other materials could not provide before.

You may also want to rely on suitable building materials to eliminate any form of noise or squeaks that the floors may produce. The thing about wooden panels is that they make annoying noises when not properly spaced. Having an unnecessary gap will produce squeaks that may make walking in the basement too uncomfortable and irritating. This will also be very disadvantageous if you are going to use the basement as an extra room, one that may garner a lot of complaints.


Subfloors are essential for a basement to be more stable and durable. The benefits that it provides outweigh the cost it may take to install it. It is also fairly easy to apply, given that it is installed piece by piece through an assembly of panels. By investing in subfloors for a major part of your home, you will be strengthening its overall frame and adding one more useful component in it, something that you and your household can freely utilize anytime.

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