Furniture Builds and Aseembly

Need Wardrobe Assembly or Ikea Furniture Assembly?

Furniture can take an amount of time out of your day. When you’re busy, although you need to have your furniture assembled, it can fall to the wayside.

It’s just another thing on your to do list that you’ve just not had the time to get around to. And that can be annoying because it’s not to your fault at all.

However, we’re able to help. We can assemble your furniture quickly and efficiently. And you won’t have to spend one minute trying to do it yourself. Whether, it’s a bed, cupboard or a sofa, you can have it assembled by us.

We're Ready to Help You

We’re the number one handyman in Rockville!

Here’s how we can help you with our assembly services:

  • Quick and Efficient: We can take care of most furniture and have them assembled in a matter of hours. Out of your way and professional furniture assembly.
  • Expertise in interior design: You may be feeling a bit unsure about how you want your room to look after all the furniture is assembled. That’s perfectly reasonable. We’ll able to give you guidance on not only making your room look great but making sure that it’s easy to maintain as well.  When you’re done with all these materials, we can store them in the attic!


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