Attic Insulation and Inspections

Need Your Attic Checked for Insulation and Mold?

Attic maintenance
Taking care of your attic is a great investment in the long-term. You can save up to 10% on your total annual energy bill by having it insulated.

You can protect your health and your family’s health by having its vents cleaned, letting higher quality air circulate in your home.

You can also protect your health and your family’s health by preventing mold from growing in there.

However getting into your attic is a chore in the first place. And it’s not the most pleasant space in your home.

We understand that and that’s why we would be able to help you by going into your attic and taking care of it for you. We also provide door repair and maintenance.

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Here’s how we can help you with our attic services:

  • Quick and Efficient: We can take care of most furniture and have them assembled in a matter of hours. Out of your way and professional furniture assembly.
  • Expertise in interior design: You may be feeling a bit unsure about how you want your room to look after all the furniture is assembled. That’s perfectly reasonable. We’ll able to give you guidance on not only making your room look great but making sure that it’s easy to maintain as well.


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