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Basement Services and Renovation

Add more comfort and style to your home by customizing your basement. Contact your local handyman contractors today!

Do you feel that your basement is just sitting there and not really being made use of?

Sure, you might use it for storage. But other than that, it’s just kind of forgotten about.

So you’re thinking of changing that. You’re going to use the basement as an extension to your home.

Another room to visit, like you’d visit your kitchen or living room. It could become your official ‘kick back and relax’ room for the whole family.

Or if you consider yourself a musician, two words. Recording. Studio.

Or maybe you’d just like a little extra space. The possibilities are endless.

However the prospect of taking hammers, saws and other tools to your basement may seem daunting for you.

If you’re going to have a basement remodeling , you’d want it done in the right way. Remodeled and done, with no headaches caused after that.

Like avoiding basement leakage, where water starts leaking into your basement. You’d have to start worrying about how to get basement waterproofing!

It’d be horrible to have redone the basement but leave a mistake like that, that just pains you later down the line.

We get that it can be daunting.  You’d just like to have that dream basement, without any hassle or stress.

And that’s where we’ll be able to help. We’ve been helping over (number of people) transform their basement into something completely exciting and new!

Make Your Dream a Reality

As basement remodeling contractors and basement waterproofing contractors, we’re able to help you make that dream basement a reality, meanwhile making sure it’s safe at the same time. Check out this page if you’re wanting exterior services and not underground ones. 

Now, your basement is completely unique to your home. You’d want to know exactly what you were getting.

We offer you a free consultation, where we will come, visit and give you a plan so that you are more informed on how to proceed with your basement remodeling.

Here’s some of the qualities of our services that you can look forward to when we work with you:

  • Our service is relatively quick. We usually take around (amount of time) When you know what to expect to see when your basement is finished, it’s natural that you would want to see it as quickly as possible. For most of our basement remodeling consultations, we say that it will take (time period)
  • We offer you guidance on how to create that perfect basement Your might have a very clear idea of what your new basement would look like. Or you may only know a little. Whatever stage you are at, we will be able to offer our guidance to help you make the best choice for your basement. In terms of style and functionality.
  • Safety first! Not only do you want to enjoy your new room, but you also want to make sure it’s safe for you, family, friends, guests. Pretty much everyone really! We recognise this and make sure that your room is well ventilated, and wood decay is kept to an absolute minimum!

Now if there’s something specific you have in mind for your basement. You need help with drywall repair. Or you’d like a change of flooring. We understand that with basement renovations, not all of them are the same.

You may be even more concerned with basement repair!

Other Basement Services

So here’s a quick list of the things that we can do during your remodeling/basement finishing:

  • Basement flooring installation
  • Drywall Repair
  • Lighting Installation
  • Furniture assembly
  • Custom shelving/bookcase construction
  • Basement waterproofing and application of foundation sealer

Book your free consultation to get started on the basement remodeling process. You will no longer have to look at that boring old basement. And instead have that extra room in your home that your friends and family love visiting.


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