Home Maintenance: 3 Signs Your Deck Needs Fixing ASAP

Everybody loves a nice, long, beautiful deck that they can sit, lie, read, eat, and have campfires on—that’s just a fact of Montgomery County living that can’t ever be denied!

If you’ve got a deck of your own that you appreciate very much and are a few notches shy of worshiping because of how great it looks, you’re going to want to keep it in great shape. After years of use and abuse, however, this beloved part of your home will need some sort of sprucing up to keep it looking good and feeling fresh.

By now, you’ve probably set your sights on giving your deck a little TLC so you can keep your entire patio looking outstanding and worth waking up to every morning. However, it might be worth putting the paint and decorations away for a bit because there might be a problem you should deal with first: the need for deck repair. 

A Few Signs Your Deck Needs Some Fixing

So, you suspect that the most beloved part of your home is suffering from the dreaded ED: eroding deck syndrome.

What used to be so strong, sturdy, and capable of supporting the needs of a family of 20 or a girl’s night out now looks like its best days are far behind it. Unfortunately, the years (or even decades) of use and abuse have brought it to a point where it needs to be repaired because of the safety hazards it might be posing at this very moment.

While your denial may make you think that your deck can still go on and keep up with your needs, it’s best to let your rational side take over accept the fact that it’s probably time to get a repair. To confirm your suspicions, it’s best to keep an eye out for the following signs that bear the need for fixing ASAP: 

Sign #1: Your Footings Are Heaving or Dropping

Although your deck’s concrete footing may give the impression that it’s going to last forever, the truth is that it’s not exempt from problems like dropping or heaving. At some point, the footings placed to improve the long-term structural integrity of your deck will end up succumbing to the fact that they were poured on a relatively loose foundation (i.e., soil). This can end up shifting significantly or completely buckling under the weight of the deck, leading to heaving or dropping.

If you see that your deck’s concrete footings are exhibiting these signs, it’s time to get a repair done.

Sign #2: The Wooden Parts of Your Deck Are Beginning to Ro

Another clear-cut sign that your deck requires repair is when its wood support posts, beams, and other wooden fixtures are starting to rot.

Generally, signs of rot bear an immediate need for repair because they’re a key indicator that a home’s structural integrity is at great risk of giving way. Note that Montgomery County has higher moisture rates in the ground and air, so it’s safe to say that hard wood won’t always last; hence, the need for proper fixing.

Sign #3: Your Deck Boards Are Cracking or Splintering

When deck boards crack or splinter, it’s always best to assume that such experiences are never a good sign because of the danger that is afoot. These signs are a cause for concern (and a reason to call Handyman of Rockville ASAP) because they signify ongoing deterioration. 

Should your deck start to exhibit these unmistakable signs, you must get a replacement done ASAP.


While there are many reasons for you to spruce up your deck and redecorate it every once in a while, you need to carry out repairs and replacements once they become necessary. By watching out for the critical signs mentioned above, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from problems with a broken deck.

Handyman of Rockville offers the highest-rated deck repair services in Rockville, MD. If your deck is a downer and needs a fixer-upper, get in touch with our experts today!

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