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3 Blogs You Should Follow For Basement Finishing Inspiration!

Renovating your basement is a project that almost always becomes as confusing as it is fulfilling because there are all sorts of different factors that you can account for. Compared to other kinds of home improvement projects Montgomery County homeownerS can embark on, basement renovation can be done in a nearly endless number of ways. From revamped fitness spaces to solitude areas, there are many different routes a project can end up on, even more so when you come prepared with the right budget and a whole lot of interests.

If you’ve been thinking about sprucing up your home’s lower spaces with a refreshed design and a lot of TLC, it’s safe to say that you’re at a crossroads where you don’t know what to do. It’s always a great idea to take out of a basement renovation blog’s book, and we’ve got you covered with a list of our favorite ones.

Basement Renovation Blogs We Love

Whether you’re looking for upgrade ideas or thinking about taking a certain technical route with your renovation, it always helps to have a basement renovation blog that you can read and learn more from. To help you on your next project when it comes to ideas, execution, and planning, here are a few of our favorite resources that we’re excited to share with you: 

House of Rose

Run by supermom Mandy, House of Rose is a general blog that covers a wide range of subjects that anyone will love reading about. She has one section dedicated to décor, room makeovers, DIY tutorials, and more.

Much like you, House of Rose began its foray into basement renovation as a project put on the back burner until she realized delays mean the project will never be finished. Fortunately, she was kind enough to start documenting her project while remodeling her sub-floor space and shared a wide range of tips and tricks you can use for your own home improvement experience!

Elements of Style

Run by Erin Gates Design, Elements of Style is a blog mainly focused on providing insightful advice for design and interior decorating.

Although some may consider this as a wildcard choice when it comes to basement renovation blogs, one standout detail is that Erin Gates herself renovated her entire basement with the help of Lowes. Aside from being an inspiration for ingenuity, Elements of Style is a wonderful reference when it comes to finding ideas and tips on finishing your new space after Handyman of Rockville helps you get the bigger stuff out of the way! 

Finished Basement

If you’re looking for the ultimate reference and inspiration for basement finishing, nothing hits the spot better than Finished Basement.

This blog answers any question that you may have about giving your space the sense of function it needs. Whether you’re looking to put up a bar, man cave, theater, home office, or home gym, Finished Basement takes pride in never running out of articles that will help guide you on your project! 


When it comes to equipping your basement with the interior design of your dreams, it’s always best to get your knowledge from the right sources. Once you start reading through the three blogs mentioned above, you’ll be filled to the brim with inspiration. You never have to worry about not knowing what to do ever again! 

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